I Interviewed Dan Fox from ControlMap!

  • 12 December 2023
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This was such a fun interview to do with Dan Fox! We got into everything from the genesis of ControlMap to the challenges MSPs have with deploying and scaling a Compliance-as-a-Service practice.

Some questions for the community:

  • What are some of the challenges you’re seeing in getting your clients on the compliance train?
  • What roadblocks are you seeing internally in your MSP to get more diligent with your own compliance journey?

We’d love to do more sessions/workshops on compliance topics, please let us know if you’d like to see any specific topics explored!

Check out the interview:


1 reply

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Enjoyed being interviewed, thanks @luis.giraldo for continuing to create awesome content! ControlMap team and myself are live in the community and here for partners and the MSP ecosystem!