Announcing Client Engagement for Lifecycle Manager

The heart of Lifecycle Manager has always been client engagement: whether you use it for warranty lookups, IT asset monitoring, or QBR preparation, it's about providing the best experience for the people you serve. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of the new Lifecycle Manager for Client Engagement. It's everything you love about Lifecycle Manager, with new features and enhancements to help you create, communicate, and deliver strategic client care with the ease of automation.  Updated Features Roadmaps: New filter controls let you customize the level of detail included in Roadmap PDFs, giving you more flexibility to personalize communication with clients.  To help you move quickly to respond to evolving client needs, we've removed multi-quarter scheduling and added the ability to plot out projects on Roadmaps for up to five years in advance. Initiatives: We've added an account-wide view of all Initiatives for all clients to give you a visual overview of projects in your pipeline.  Also, Initiatives are now downloadable as PDFs, so you can create and send proposals in a few clicks. Roadmaps + Initiatives: To save you even more clicks in delivering elevated client care, we've added Initiatives to the Roadmaps tab.  New Client DashboardThe new simplified menu gives you easier access to client engagement features.  We've also reorganized the display of the client page, prioritizing features that focus on client interactions so you have at-a-glance awareness at the client level. New Features Action Items: In the client view of Lifecycle Manager, you can create and manage tasks using Action Items, which integrates with ConnectWise Manage to turn these action items into PSA tickets.  Notes: Alongside Action Items, you can also type and organize meeting notes into a date-tracked note box. Account Team & Key Contacts:  Another addition to the client view is an area to set contact details for the corresponding client, including names, roles, and email addresses. Standardizing your workflows for client engagement encourages more frequent and accessible communication, which builds trust and reinforces your position as a strategic partner. We're thrilled to lead the way for MSP client engagement and look forward to hearing what our Partners think about this exciting new direction.  Want to learn more about Client Engagement? Read more about our newest release here!

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ScalePad adds Microsoft Surface PCs to Workstation Assurance

ScalePad now supports Microsoft Surface PCs as part of our Workstation Assurance extended warranty service inside Lifecycle Manager. Coverage for Surface devices is in high demand by Partners for their clients, and is initially available in the United States.“The ability to offer Workstation Assurance as a service for Microsoft Surface devices is a huge win for our Partners,” said Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad. “The MSP community has asked us to add support for Surfaces — we’ve listened, and our team worked to make it happen. Adding coverage for Surface devices to Workstation Assurance provides our Partners with an additional  multi-million dollar revenue opportunity and increased value to  clients.”As clients transition from traditional desktop workstations to mobile devices like Microsoft Surface PCs and pricier AI laptops, MSPs have sought ways to protect their clients’ investments. Adding protection for Surface PCs to ScalePad’s Workstation Assurance service closes a potential gap for MSPs and their clients.ScalePad’s Workstation Assurance product solves three challenges for MSPs: complete protection and replacement for client devices, streamlined in-app warranty procurement and service requests, and the opportunity to generate revenue beyond device replacement. Workstation Assurance includes accidental damage protection, and with the addition of Microsoft, it now protects devices from over a dozen different OEMs. Support for Surface PCs in Workstation Assurance is only available in the United States at this time. Click here to go to Lifecycle Manager, find a client with Surface PCs, and give it a try!

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Beneath the Iceberg: How We Built Custom Hardware Reports

Special thanks to Matthew Kipp, Engineering Team Lead of Lifecycle Manager for co-authoring this article with me. In December, we released Custom Hardware Reports to Lifecycle Manager, empowering partners with fine-grained options to highlight what matters in their reporting. The reception was overwhelmingly positive! Our most impactful changes often originate from our partners, and this was one of those instances. MSPs took the time to submit the idea via our product idea submission process, so we decided to take it on. Building Custom Hardware ReportsFor us, software development is about building excellent products as a creative team, not executing a set of requirements like a factory. When considering a product idea, our process looks like this:Identify the root problem: What’s the root of the problem, what are MSPs really looking for with this idea? Assess our constraints: How long should we be willing to invest in this? What are must-haves, should-haves, and nice-to-haves? Brainstorm: What solutions could we build that meet these constraints? This is not done by one person, but is rather a dynamic process including Product, Engineering, and Design. By working together we can decide on a path forward that meets the best tradeoffs for each role — the best experience, the lowest complexity, and the highest value for partners. In Custom Hardware Reports, we decided that it’s worth investing the time to include a number of elements that would make the experience powerful for partners — advanced filtering & sorting, column selection, and templates to reuse configurations across clients.Custom report scheduling, including custom parameters, sorting, and configurable columns. We knew how much this mattered to partners, so we decided to accept the cost of building a system that would encompass all of those needs. But to make this happen we didn’t build everything imaginable. For example, in the first version you cannot edit and remove templates — you can only save new ones. As a result, we were able to deliver a useful feature without getting lost in the rabbit holes of attempting to build perfection. That said, if you want us to add more advanced template management, feel free to submit a product idea and we may take it on! The Art of Software DesignIn the design stage, the Product team will tend to focus on the functional requirements, whereas Engineering needs to focus on “non-functional requirements,” or quality attributes of the system being developed. At this point we often do “spikes” — timeboxed tasks where we assess the existing system, design required changes, and prototype to feel out a certain approach. In spiking our solution for Custom Hardware Reports, we saw that our solution would require scalability as a non-functional requirement. With thousands of paying Lifecycle Manager partners, each with many clients, we estimated our solution would need to support at least tens of thousands of reports being sent in a timely manner on the 1st business day of every month. To address this, we decided on a solution that relies on us replicating / caching our asset data to a NoSQL database which is explicitly designed to support quick reads. As a result, we knew we could process the custom filters and sorting each report would require at scale without much trouble. We Code with AI!Once we’ve planned out our work, we’ll have a clearer picture of the solution, ETA, bottlenecks, and tasks. At this point, we are able to divide the work and begin coding. It’s worth highlighting that AI has changed the way we code significantly. As one example, we use GitHub Copilot daily in the process of development, and it has allowed us to code more efficiently and effectively. We can’t yet plug a full task into a GPT and expect a good result, let alone a feature. Due to hallucinations, AI is not yet effective for delicate tasks such as refactoring, which involves carefully restructuring existing code without altering its external behavior. That said, sometimes GPTs can save hours of frustration. To help us create custom scheduled reports, we prompted AI with queries about formatting crons for our scheduling, data modeling suggestions, and admittedly, how to center a <div> HTML element with CSS (you try it!). We’re optimistic about AI because the trendline we see indicates that it will not replace us, but rather it will help us iterate faster and focus more on higher-level concerns that require creative thinking. Let’s make sure it actually works right…It’s great to ship new features, but if they are buggy, incomplete, or break randomly we may have actually created more harm than good. To mitigate this, we have a number of processes in place: Code quality checks — Each code change is batched into a pull request and peer-reviewed. This often catches a majority of bugs and ensures the code meets our standards. Automated regression testing — We write automated tests that check if systems are acting according to expectations before code gets shipped. This includes standard unit/integration tests, simulating a user via an emulated browser, static application security testing, and other techniques. Manual testing — We often run manual checks in intermediary environments prior to a release to production. We also run beta testing in some cases with a subset of partners to ensure new functionality is working as expected. Production monitoring — Finally, in the worst-case scenario, if a bug sneaks into production we have monitoring and alerts set up. That way, we can notice something’s amiss proactively and send out a fix as quickly as possible.Community-based developmentIn the end, we’ve found that the most important part of our internal product development process is not the code, but the very human process of collaboration. Without that, decision-making is imbalanced — the bias of a limited perspective would lead us to invest too much or too little in some area. It’s the same thing with external product ideas. We know that our perspective is limited, and that it’s only in partnership with our community that we can most effectively equip MSPs on their road to success. So, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you're embarking on your journey with ScalePad or have been with us through many milestones, we’re all ears for your ideas. Let’s shape the future together. Submit product ideas here.

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ControlMap Release Notes (March 2024)

• New Framework: NIST CSF 2.0March 6th, 2024ControlMap now supports NIST CSF 2.0. As the first major update to the framework since 2014, NIST CSF 2.0 takes cybersecurity compliance to the next level with the addition of the Govern core function. In addition, revisions to the framework have made it applicable to organizations of any size as well, supporting compliance programs of any maturity level.• Breach Secure Now - IntegrationMarch 18th, 2024Within ControlMap, MSPs can now integrate with Breach Secure Now, a cybersecurity training platform. This allows MSPs to assess completed security training across their clients and map training status to compliance controls. See Integration with Breach Secure Now for more details.• Duo Security - IntegrationMarch 4th, 2024With the Duo Security integration, ControlMap users gain the ability to seamlessly sync employee data from Duo Security directly into ControlMap. This includes essential security data such as MFA status, enabling MSPs to map the data to compliance controls. See Connecting to DUO for more details.• New Framework: HIPAA Privacy RuleMarch 18th, 2024This framework provides federal standards to safeguard the privacy of personal health information and gives patients an array of rights concerning that information, including the right to examine and obtain a copy of their health records and to request corrections.• New Framework: Breach Notification RuleMarch 18th, 2024HIPAA's Breach Notification Rule requires covered entities to notify patients when their unsecured protected health information (PHI) is impermissibly used or disclosed—or “breached”—in a way that compromises the privacy and security of the PHI. See Integration with Breach Secure Now for more details.• Activity LogsMarch 18th, 2024Many cybersecurity frameworks, including NIST CSF 2.0 and CMMC 2.0, require tracking activities throughout the compliance journey. Now, within ControlMap, admins can view "Activity Logs", a list of tracked activities within the platform. This includes anything that is created (such as an asset), updated (such as a status update), imported (such as a framework), or deleted (such as a policy).

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Seven Enhanced Reports

TL;DR: What’s New For Cognition360? Cognition360 has released 7 enhanced reports that provide your MSP with improved analysis of your operations and financial measures, leading to improved efficiency and profitability… but you have to ask for them to get them.Let’s take a quick look at each of the new-and-improved reports. Which 7 reports exactly?Here’s the list:Agreement Cross Sell Report Products Received Not Invoiced Report Products Sold Report Opportunity Dashboard Getting Started Report Sales Pipeline Report Ticket SLA InsightsYou might not be using these reports now, but they’re well worth a second look.I’m interested… how do I actually get access?The Cognition360 Support team’s got what you need. If you know exactly what you want, you can fill in this form and request to have the report you want updated to the latest version. Next step, you’re in and using them.What’s new-and-improved in each of these 7 reports?Some are small tweaks, like added filters, while others have entirely new pages added to them. Read on to learn more about each.Agreement Cross Sell ReportYou’ll see two changes here: an additional page called ‘Addition (Qty)’, and the validation of summary quantity.Agreement Cross Sell ReportAs you look to cross-sell new products to your clients, you want to know not only which products have been sold through the agreement but also quantities of each product sold. By including product quantities, you have a more accurate depiction of exactly what has been purchased through the Agreement.Fill in this form and request to have the report you want updated to the latest version.Products Received Not Invoiced ReportA new filter enables inclusion or exclusion of Product Classes, which allows you to identify if specific products have been invoiced or not.Products Received Not Invoiced ReportSay your MSP has received the latest invoice from a vendor, and you want to cross-reference the number of products you are being billed for against the number of products you will be invoicing your clients for. Now you have an easy way to do just that.Fill in this form and request to have the report you want updated to the latest version.Products Sold ReportNot one, not two, but three updates here. First, this update improves the performance of the Products Sold Report. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve added data validation for products sold on Opportunities, Sales Orders, Projects and Tickets. And last but not least, we’ve added a filter for ‘Site’.Product Source data validationGenerating the report quicker – think it’s obvious why you’d want that – and the selectable data validation field lets you only see what you want to see.‘Site’ filter highlighted‘Site’ filter: if your MSP has multiple sites, like an East Coast office and a Midwest office, this new filter option presents products sold by site instead of only to clients in total. This way, you could see the sales split between the two site locations to compare performance.Fill in this form and request to have the report you want updated to the latest version.Opportunity DashboardHere we’ve added a new page called 'Sales Rep Summary'. Sales Rep Summary shows won opportunities per rep by month. This includes total and Lifetime NRR and MRR as well as profit and margin percentages for the current month, the previous month, and YTD:Opportunity DashboardSales Rep Summary better presents the key closed opportunity sales performance metrics of each of your MSP’s sales reps by month. This enables more in-depth review and analysis of month-over-month sales. It’s excellent for improving performance – coach for improvement, and celebrate the wins.Fill in this form and request to have the report you want updated to the latest version.Getting Started ReportThe updated Getting Started Report adds a new page 'Product Release Notes', which gives you a direct link to the ScalePad Community Product Updates page, where you can find out about future releases… like this one!Getting Started ReportPerhaps we should have put this at the top of the list as it’s a place to get started… 🤔. At any rate, use this handy mailto: link to get access, and never miss another update, as you’ll find them all on our Community site.Sales Pipeline ReportHere we’ve added a new field called 'Manufacturer' which, as the name suggests, permits viewing revenue info by OEM.Sales Pipeline ReportWhy might you want this? Perhaps you’re looking to deprecate an existing OEM’s product you had been selling to your clients. This new field will show the potential impact on upcoming or forecasted sales if you decide to deprecate that manufacturer's product(s), and point out where you may need to spend a little extra time to ensure those sales move to the alternative you are selling instead.Fill in this form and request to have the report you want updated to the latest version.Ticket SLA InsightsSaving the best for last, we have added a new page, called 'Technician Metrics', as an enhancement to the 'Technician' page on Ticket SLA Insights.'Technician Metrics' shows the SLA Response, Resplan and Resolved values only where the selected Technician were responsible for each of those actions. The visuals on the 'Technician' page shows all values where the selected technician closed the ticket (regardless of which technician was responsible for the other stages of the ticket).Technician pageTechnician Metrics pageMeasuring your team’s technicians’ outputs is a key component to a successful MSP practice. For a service delivery manager, being able to review specific technicians’ SLA response times and resolution notes can be a valuable aid in cross-training new technicians and an important management tool. Fill in this form and request to have the report you want updated to the latest version. Hope you see a lot of value in the work we’ve done to enhance these reports, and watch this Community Product Updates space for future upgrades!

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Cognition360: Annual Release Notes Roundup (2023)

Technician Ticket Time Spent Report November 15, 2023Review labor by technicians to see:who is working on tickets the percentage of total time spent by technicians who is resolving the ticket. The presented data can highlight issues related to the lack of timely escalation of tickets. Data is also available on tickets with multiple technicians.  Project WIP Report October 15, 2023The report shows unbilled labor at a point in time. This report is useful for reporting on WIP over historical date ranges.  Service Ticket Budgets Report September 15, 2023This report is for reviewing ticket labor recorded to budget on service tickets.  Project Financials Report August 14th, 2023The Project Financials report shows weekly data for open and closed projects. You can review week-on-week data for total project revenue from closed projects. Pre-Sales Labor ReportJuly 15, 2023Review the impact of labor recorded as presales and see won versus lost sales and the labor recorded for each. Data available for pre-sales staff and impact of labor is recorded. The list of reports and their descriptions is available in the Cognition360 Help Center.A selection of report video demos is available for Cognition360. Infrastructure/Data Process ImprovementsSpring 2023Expanded data warehouse processing to ease the load on existing data warehouses. Changes to data processing to speed up overall processing times by streamlining data processing. Started to move data processing to incremental processing for reports with limited data ranges. This will allow for these reports to show data over larger data ranges.

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Lifecycle Manager: Annual Release Notes Roundup (2023)

 - Updated Custom Hardware Reports (with scheduling)December 13, 2023Customize: Create a custom hardware report from scratch by customizing filters, columns, and sorting.Schedule: Schedule custom hardware reports to send to clients on a monthly or quarterly basis.New Column Options: Partners can now include memory (RAM), processor (CPU), and storage (HDD) as columns in the existing Hardware Lifecycle Report as well as in any new custom hardware report they create. - Breach Secure Now! IntegrationDecember 1, 2023You are now able to integrate your Breach Secure Now account into Lifecycle Manager so that you can keep an eye on your end users' security training progress and phishing failures in line with existing ScalePad workflows. The integration includes:New insights to identify people that pose security risks, including those that have failed 1 or more simulated phishing attacks, or have not completed their security training. A list of managed people at each client, and the ability to filter and search through that list based on phishing failures and security training compliance. - Starred ClientsNovember 29th, 2023We’ve added functionality that enables you to dedicate time to specific clients. If Account Managers are assigned a group of clients for whom they are accountable, starred clients make it easier for you to access the clients you most frequently work with.Details:You can star client from the client list view Starred clients are tagged to the top under “Starred Clients” section You can star clients from the client strategy dashboard Each member in Lifecycle Manager has their own starred clients (i.e. starred client is user level not account level)   - FortiGate Cloud integrationOct 13, 2023This integration syncs your Fortinet assets into Lifecycle Manager along with the associated warranty dates.Fortinet FortiGate Cloud integration instructions FortiGate Cloud does NOT organize by client, so assets need to be client categorized in another integration (RMM, PSA, doc) to see the assets in the correct client. - ScalePad IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) improvementsOctober 2, 2023 Support for Additional Asset TypesWe’ve expanded support beyond just workstations. ITAD now supports workstations, servers, tablets, hard drives (individually), switches, network devices, IP phones, monitors, scanners, and APC/UPS.Full-Service IT Asset Disposal OptionYou now have a “full service” option, at no additional charge, when disposing of > 30 assets, in which we’ll coordinate to have someone come onsite, bring any necessary packaging materials, and equipment, and even help collect and pack up loose equipment.Pricing & AvailabilityIT Asset Disposal is free for all Partners on current Lifecycle Manager subscription. - integration and new device warranty lookupSeptember 8, 2023This integration syncs hardware and software and sends back purchase and warranty dates via 2-way sync.SuperOps integration instructionsWarranty Lookups: Added warranty lookups on carbon systems devicesYou can now access information about the warranty status of your carbon systems devices. - ScalePad Warranties Sell-Through Kit is now available July 28, 2023Learn how to present ScalePad Warranty Services & Workstation Assurance to your clients.Download the ScalePad Warranties Sell-Through Kit, available now on the warranties page and on every warranty cart.Warranties pageWarranty cart Shipping reminders for ScalePad IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) are hereJune 26, 2023Never forget to dispose of any IT assets again! Email shipping reminders are now available for all ScalePad IT Asset Disposal orders, ensuring you're notified of any pending assets yet to be shipped for secure disposal. - Summer 2023 product updatesJune 14, 2023Serial Number Reconciliation & Asset Disposal for Workstation AssuranceWe've added the ability to reconcile serial numbers and transfer coverage to replacement workstations from the to-be-disposed-of workstation.For US-based partners (including Alaska and Hawaii), this process also includes arranging a package drop-off or pickup disposal. You can read more about how easy it is to transfer coverage in the Transferring warranty coverage to a replacement workstation article.Scorecard Restructuring: Categories & ItemsWe've restructured Scorecards into categories and items to better assist with organization and to make scorecards more digestible.Scorecard categories allow you to address a variety of concerns on a single scorecard Scorecard items allow you to further organize your scorecard categories into individual items You can also freely create, organize and delete scorecard items and categories. Please see the scorecards collection of our help center for more information.Virtual Machine InsightsWe've added the ability to create custom insights for VMs.We've also added the following new insights to the Strategy Dashboard:Virtual machines with an unsupported OS Virtual machines without configured backups Please note a Backup Radar subscription is required to use this insight.Person Assigned InformationLifecycle Manager now syncs the person assigned entry from your PSA. We've also added person assigned as an Insight policy and as a column in the hardware console.  - Finding assets covered by ScalePad warranties made easier Jun 12, 2023Looking to find all assets covered by a ScalePad warranty? The covered assets tab of your warranties page now includes a downloadable spreadsheet of all hardware assets covered by a ScalePad warranty.Excel spreadsheet includes:Details of assets covered under a ScalePad warranty Coverage SLA Coverage expiration date - Added Kaseya VSAX RMM integrationMay 16, 2023Partners are able to benefit from Kaseya VSAX RMM.Kaseya VSAX integration instructions - Personalized Insights updates and legacy hardware exportMay 2, 2023Personalized Insights: We've added processor manufacturer as an Insight policy, enabling you to standardize clients' processors using Personalized Insights. Hardware console: We've added a legacy hardware export with all the previous columns to continue to drive previous automated systems Sign in with google Apr 19, 2023We’ve added Google sign-in services to our login workflow, which enables better password management and security practices.Sign in with Google - Processor manufacturerApr 18, 2023Hardware console: We've added a column for processor manufacturer and model. The column option is available in the choose column menu and they will be included in a spreadsheet export as two separate columns when you export all columns. How to apply filtering on the Hardware console  - Added ConnectWise RMM integrationMarch 22, 2023Partners are able to benefit from ConnectWise's RMM, which includes features that leverage automation to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.ConnectWise RMM integration InstructionsWe support 2-way sync for ConnectWise RMM enabling you to view asset purchase dates or warranty expiry dates in ConnectWise RMM.  

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Lifecycle Insights: Annual Release Notes Roundup (2023)

• Dark ModeOctober 31, 2023Just in time for Halloween, we’ve added dark mode to Lifecycle Insights for those who prefer reduced eye strain and improved readability in low-light environments. Click your name at the top right and toggle on it. Or take a look at our step-by-step guide linked below:Lifecycle Insights - Dark Mode Feature • New Success and Goals FeaturesSeptember 29, 2023We updated our Customer Success Goals module.Help your customers grow their businesses while strengthening your relationship with them with brand-new features to create, edit, track, and report on their strategic goals and take your customer service to the next level.Customer Sucess - Goals Update Releases Customer Detail - Goals Customer Success - Goals Reporting Tag Manager • Infima Integration Alert September 12, 2023We’ve just deployed our Infima integration for User List and Security Training Reporting. Integrate now to keep an eye on who is and more importantly who isn’t up to date on security training.How to Enable the Infima Integration within LCI   Infima Security Awareness Reporting• Show me the PSA dataSeptember 8, 2023This update enables you to access Linked PSA Data, encompassing both tickets and opportunities, within the MSP Reports. This has been highly requested and is now ready for action.Linked PSA Data    • Autotask OpportunitiesSeptember 5, 2023LCI is excited to announce that we have rolled out our initial integration with Autotask Opportunities. Specifically, when you are working with LCI Recommendations, you can:Create an Autotask Opportunity Link to an existing Autotask Opportunity Unlink a previously linked Autotask Opportunity   Autotask Opportunity Integration Autotask Opportunities - API Security Requirements• Deprecation of Original Report BuilderSeptember 1, 2023We’re deprecating the original Report Builder on October 13th, 2023. After that, we will only be providing support and access to our updated version, “v2”.We’ve put together a video that introduces the changes and concepts of the new Report Builder. We encourage you to make the move to the enhanced version.The New Report Builder Release• Simple CSAT with SimplesatAugust 16, 2023Calling all Simplesat users! Integrate and sync in your CSAT & NPS data. It’s now easier than ever to create, simple, client-facing reports.SimpleSat integration instructions​​​​​​• Crew-what? Crewhu integration!July 21, 2023Crewhu users can now integrate and sync data on CSAT scoring, response rates, and survey data to generate an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand client report.Crewhu's CSAT reporting tool gives MSP's the added capabilities to show customer satisfaction reporting and statistics from each client perspective. The summary and detail reports in LCI provide insights into your level of service, and how your services are perceived by your customers.Crewhu CSAT Integration and Reporting​​​​​​ 

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ControlMap: Annual Release Notes Roundup (2023)

• Nodeware IntegrationNovember 30, 2023ControlMap now integrates with Nodeware, a continuous vulnerability management solution that helps businesses reduce their cyber risk. MSPs can sync vulnerability data to ControlMap, streamlining the process for compliance operations.• ConnectSecure IntegrationNovember 30, 2023ControlMap now integrates with ConnectSecure, a continuous vulnerability management solution that helps businesses reduce their cyber risk. MSPs can sync vulnerability data to ControlMap, streamlining the process for compliance operations.• Lifecycle Manager IntegrationOctober 18, 2023By connecting Lifecycle Manager to ControlMap, users can sync company and asset data from PSA and RMM systems. The integration between ControlMap and Lifecycle Manager allows users to leverage data from both systems, attributing assets and company data (within ControlMap) as evidence for their compliance program.• Automatic generation of SSPAugust 31, 2023ControlMap now supports the automatic generation of System Security Plans (SSP). For frameworks such as CMMC, NIST 800-171 FedRAMP, and StateRAMP, and MSPs who need an SSP, this reporting feature is formatted per the DoD guidelines.• Customized Notification SettingsMay 9, 2023Users can now customize notification settings. As an example, after the completion of an assessment, users can enable “Daily” or “Weekly” email notifications. This allows you to get key information about your compliance activities when you want it. • Assessment ToolApril 19, 2023This unique assessment tool enables MSPs, partners, and consultants to follow a streamlined approach to jumpstarting compliance programs and evaluating security posture. Designed in a Q&A format, users can quickly assess their compliance status across multiple frameworks.• CMMC 2.0January 31, 2023ControlMap now fully supports CMMC 2.0. This security standard is a comprehensive framework to protect the defense industrial base’s (DIB) sensitive unclassified information from frequent and increasingly complex cyberattacks. 

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