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Lifecycle Manager | Enhancing Client Relations with Scorecards Now and Into the Future

  • 13 March 2024
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Lifecycle Manager | Enhancing Client Relations with Scorecards Now and Into the Future
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Quick Reading (TL;DR)

  • Lifecycle Manager Scorecards are created for MSPs to review clients' IT health, useful in business review meetings.
  • They offer a broad view, assessing various IT environment aspects beyond hardware, using both automatic and manual item creation.
  • Scorecards help align MSPs and clients on current IT issues, facilitating proactive roadmap planning.
  • Items are scored for health and prioritized by urgency, aiding in strategic issue resolution discussions.
  • Future Vision for Scorecards:
    • Broaden Scope: Expand use cases beyond hardware, introduce templating and automation for efficiency.
    • Make Proactive: Link with more data points, simplify data collection for earlier issue identification.
    • Integrate with Client Systems: Enhance client service with comprehensive reports and action plans.
    • Progress Tracking: Improve with comparison reporting, for better improvement tracking and forecasting.

The goal is to evolve scorecards into a more powerful tool for MSPs, enhancing their ability to manage and discuss all aspects of client performance.

We're excited to share some thoughts on the LM scorecard feature and discuss ways to improve it based on your feedback. Book a time with us for discussion 






Scorecard is a handy tool originally made for MSPs to spot and talk about their clients’ IT health. As MSPs get bigger and their business grows, they'll likely have more regular BR meetings to review how things are going with their clients. Scorecards, which are especially useful for these review meetings, help summarize potential problems or risks clients might encounter.

  • Usually, our MSP partners have focused more on hardware insights and problem-solving initiatives. But scorecards offer a much wider view, allowing for any number of topics to be covered. 
  • The purpose of Scorecards is to evaluate client's IT environments across a range of categories. Partners can create scorecard items to assess any aspect of their client's IT environment they deem relevant.
  • Certain scorecard items are automatically created based on data we have available in Lifecycle Manager, but partners can manually create a scorecard item to evaluate anything in the client's environment, beyond what is surfaced in the data Lifecycle Manager provides.
  • Scorecards can help identify areas of the client's environment that need improvement, allowing the MSPs and their clients to get on the same page so they can move to the next step -- creating a proactive roadmap to address the issues uncovered with the Scorecard.
  • Each scorecard item is rated by its scoring and prioritized based on urgency or importance, setting the stage for strategic discussions on addressing client issues.
  • After making scorecards, the next step is to talk about which issues are most important and get ready to discuss the costs of fixing them with the client.


Evolving Scorecards: Our Vision

We recognize the potential of scorecards in enhancing client engagement and professional service delivery for our MSP partners. Here’s our vision for the next phase of scorecards:

  • Broaden the Scope: We aim to extend the functionality of scorecards beyond hardware issues, covering a broader range of use cases. Introducing functions of templating and automation. This approach will ensure that scorecards are versatile tools for MSPs to manage and discuss all aspects of client performance.
  • Make It Proactive: By linking scorecards with more data points and simplifying the data collection process, we intend to make them more proactive. This enhancement will allow MSPs to anticipate client needs and issues more effectively, leading to timely and informed decisions.
  • Integrate with Client-Focused Systems: Integrating scorecards with other client-centric features is a key goal, such as linking Initiatives to scorecard items. This integration will enable MSPs to deliver comprehensive assessment reports and ensure that remedial recommendations are planned and executed, strengthening the professional services offered to clients.
  • Progress tracking: Enhancing progress tracking through the implementation of comparison reporting. This feature will allow MSPs to better track improvements over time or forecast potential improvements based on the recommendations provided. 


We Want to Hear from You

Your opinions and ideas are crucial to us. We're keen to understand how the scorecard feature can be optimized to better serve your needs and those of the broader community. Your feedback will directly influence how we refine scorecards, ensuring they remain a powerful tool for MSPs to manage client relationships and service delivery.

🗣 Let us know how you envision the future of scorecards:

  • Any specific improvements you'd like to see? 
  • How they can be made more valuable for your operations.


Your input is vital in shaping a tool that not only meets the current needs but also anticipates future challenges in client management and service excellence.


Book a time with us for discussion 


Scalepad UX team


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