Scalepad Sync with Datto RMM

  • 19 February 2024
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We have an integration with Datto RMM enabled and there is a problem with the syncing. Last month we purchased an extended coverage for a couple computers in an organization and when it synced the updated warranty information it put the date the transaction was made, not the new warranty expiration date.


I can see in the configuration history that the sync was performed specifically by the scalepad API. Is there an issue with this functionality or some other setting we need to adjust?

2 replies

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Hello @Jason-ForeverOn !


I’ve moved this question over to our Lifecycle Manager discussion group instead of Lifecycle Insights since we do not currently have an integration with DattoRMM and Lifecycle Insights.Let me know if you intended to keep this in Lifecycle Manager.



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Hello @Jason-ForeverOn ! Thanks for reaching out about this.


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