Lifecycle Insights helps MSPs deliver better QBRs to their Partners. It consolidates data to allow for insightful reporting that presents risk & exposure, and allows for collaboration on TCO budgeting and remediation planning while highlighting how technology can support the client's business goals.

  • Assess clients for risk – Assess and prepare reports for any client based on their current risks or needs. Templated reports help identify clients with the most risk, what risks need to be prioritized and addressed, and progress tracking of your initiatives.
  • Automate QBR Reporting – Create and share detailed, but easy-to-understand reports for QBR meetings complete with assets, users, contracts, project data, and more in minutes.
  • Forecast TCO Budgeting – Create, view, and manage budgets across all projects and contracts for a client, now and in the future to ensure your clients are prepared to upgrade their IT.
  • Supercharge Customer Success – Gain visibility into problematic clients and those at risk of churn. Evaluate your clients' satisfaction, health, and alignment with your tech stack.