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Backup Radar Release Notes (March 2024)

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Backup Radar Release Notes (March 2024)

• HaloPSA Integration
March 4, 2024
You asked, and we listened! By popular request, we’re excited to share that Backup Radar has integrated with HaloPSA for two-way sync of backup tickets. See Integrating with HaloPSA for more details.

• Ongoing User Experience Enhancements
March 15th, 2024
Backup Radar deployed five enhancements to improve the experience for our users:

  1. Prevention of Accidental Closure of In-App Modals – this prevents the inadvertent closure of in-app modals when clicking outside the modal on the darkened overlay, safeguarding against the loss of any unsaved work.
  2. Enhancement to UX of Time Input – improved the time-input UI component to allow typing in values naturally.
  3. Default Sorting of Bar Chart Axes Labels – new default is alphabetical.
  4. Surfacing Alert on Failure column within Audit Screen – added a new column titled ‘Alert on Failure’ in the Audit table, with the intention of reducing the time and effort required for troubleshooting ticket noise. Check out Working with the Audit Page for more details.
  5. New Delete button on the Audit Screen – users can now delete backups directly from the Audit page, making it easier to view things like the History and Last Success columns while deleting unneeded backups. Check out Working with the Audit Page for more details.
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