December Ignition Roundup

  • 29 January 2024
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December Ignition Roundup
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If you’ve ever attended a ScalePad Ignition event, you’ll know that these highly anticipated partner events are an opportunity for us to look back at the year and forward to our growth. With a lineup of industry-leading speakers and new product announcements, our December 2023 Ignition was one of our best yet! If you missed out, don't worry.  Below, I’ve rounded up all the essential news you need to know from our December 2023 Ignition event!


Understanding the ScalePad purpose: A Future in Harmony™

  • ScalePad’s core purpose is to maintain a Future in Harmony™ for not just our partners but for our Rocketeer staff as well. But what does Future in Harmony™  truly mean? We follow a framework that guides our thinking on how we support you.
  • There have been many needle-moving acquisitions in 2023, including Cognition360, ControlMap, Lifecycle Insights, and Quoter.
  • With the help of our partners, in 2023, we accomplished 📣:
    • Lifecycle Manager:
      • 15M+ hardware assets managed
      • 79M+ software assets managed
      • $1.1M hardware refresh opportunity
    • Lifecycle Insights:
      • 51,000 QBR reports generated
      • Approx. 15% higher EBITDA for MSPs doing QBRs
    • BackupRadar:
      • Approx. 1.5M backups monitored daily
      • 12% of backups fail
    • Cognition360:
      • 9,000,000+ tickets analyzed and monitored
      • 12% bottom-line profitability growth in the first year
    • ControlMap:
      • 1,243 compliance frameworks initiated with clients
      • 30,972 risks mitigated
    • Services Marketplace: 
      • IT Asset Disposal:
        • 125,000 workstations replaced & disposed of per month
        • 9,900+ assets securely disposed
      • Warranty Services & Workstation Assurance:
        • $10.2M revenue generated by Partners
        • $177,550 opportunity per MSP

New Product Roadmap Announcements:

  • Submit feature requests and meet our product team to talk through pain points in your business by reaching out to your Partner Success Manager.
  • How do we decide what gets put into our roadmap? Our Product team looks at all the items you need to scale your business (finding new clients, pitching your business, quoting them, onboarding them, etc.).

What have we launched this year?

  • Client Dashboards | Backup Radar: Increased transparency between your clients and their backup reports. Build trust and show value with client-facing reports.
  • Workstation Assurance | Services Marketplace: Coverage for accidents that happen with workstations. Immediately ship out the devices without waiting for the replacement to return. 
  • IT Asset Disposal | Services Marketplace: Whether you need to get rid of two assets or 2000, with ScalePad IT Asset Disposal service, we do the heavy lifting for you. Our third-party validation generates a white-labeled certificate of disposal so clients can be sure their data has been erased to NIST 800-88 standards. Free for every Lifecycle Manager term subscription, your team can now focus on earning revenue for every asset disposed of. 
  • Custom Hardware Reports | Lifecycle Manager: Our number one request from our partners this past year. This new feature allows you to customize the columns of the Hardware reports and schedule those to send to your clients.

Sneak peek at the MSP Trends Report Webinar:

  • Join us on February 8th, 2024, to see the trends discussed in-depth. Register HERE

2024 Product Announcements:

  • ScalePad will take a platform approach in the new year to achieve Future in Harmony™.  We are bringing data together to automate tedious tasks and help you focus on your clients.
  • We are centralizing integrations across all of the ScalePad product suites. One singular place to set up critical integrations like PSAs. 
  • A new and improved user experience in Lifecycle Manager to be more efficient for your day-to-day. 

Partner Announcements:


Don’t just take my word for it. You can watch all the highlights from Ignition 2023 HERE.


Keep an eye out on our events page for our next Ignition event. I look forward to seeing you there!


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