Navigating the Iceberg: Understanding the Product Ideas Process

  • 29 November 2023
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Navigating the Iceberg: Understanding the Product Ideas Process
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We are excited to bring our ScalePad roadmap to the forefront and allow our partners to influence the future of our products and services. Your ideas matter to us, and we want to hear them. Within the Ideas space, you'll have free reign to share new product ideas, interact with the ScalePad staff, and upvote your peers' ideas. We review each new idea and may reach out to request further information if needed. Before you get started, please take a moment to read through our Ideas and best practices below. 


Ground Rules:

  1. Search for duplicate Product Ideas - Before submitting your Product Idea, please ensure a similar idea doesn’t already exist—it's best to upvote existing ideas. Definitely reply to existing ideas with your specific use case if required.
  2. Describe your Product Idea thoroughly! - The more detailed your description, the more likely the ScalePad team and others will immediately understand what you mean. Screenshots are incredibly helpful to clarify the request - be sure to include them if relevant.
  3. One idea at a time - Please limit your submission to the one idea. This streamlines the review process and avoids the confusion of multi-part requests.


What is the process we use to evaluate ideas?

When you submit a new Product Idea, it will have the New status. Our goal is to ensure new Product Ideas are reviewed within two business days of submission. We will engage on the idea directly if we need further clarification or merge this idea into an existing one. If everything looks great after the first review, we will change its status to Verified.


Product Ideas Process


Product Ideas can have one of the following statuses:

  • New- This Product Idea has just been submitted and awaits verification by our Support team. They for clarity, duplicate Product Ideas, existing functionality, workarounds, or missing information.
  • Verified - The idea has been verified by our Support and is open for discussion and voting.
  • Discussion Ongoing - This means Product Management would like to discuss the Product Idea further, better understand use cases, and await feedback and votes from the community.
  • Workaround- Our team has found a workaround for the time being while we wait for this Product Idea to gain further traction.
  • Implemented - The Product Idea has been implemented and is available in production.
  • Not Implemented - We reviewed the Product Idea but has not been selected for the roadmap at this time. We may revisit the Product Idea in the future.


How often are Ideas reviewed?

ScalePad's Product team reviews Product Ideas regularly and will update their statuses accordingly. We look forward to seeing how your innovative ideas shape the ScalePad roadmap. Remember, no idea is too big, and no thought is too small.


Submit your new Idea!

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