March Communi-Tea - Your Monthly Cup of Hot Takes and News

  • 1 April 2024
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March Communi-Tea - Your Monthly Cup of Hot Takes and News
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Welcome to our new community series, Communi-Tea!  A steaming cup of nerdy news to help you stay on top of ScalePad updates and our growing Community. A day late and a dollar short, we’re bringing you all the updates from March you may have missed. Any one else thinking about how many Cadbury eggs were consumed this weekend? Ah… just me?


Anyways... I want to call out all of our newest ScalePad Community members. We had so many new friends join in March. Welcome to the party!

@Serge Rousseau | @FedericoBocchi | @haris.michael | @gchavez | @LowellP | @sgill | @ITHiveMind | @DB2888 | @jeffreiter | @EStandy | @aw_newera | @splimetreelabs | @sean.schwartz | @Andrew147 | @ptuckercst | @dayal | @LiamSWIT | @regijohn | @jschurer | @Melynda | @kconod | @paulsciacca | @mmitchell | @TheJeffB | @Seth.Perkins | @Chase.Mendoza | @Adam E | @stonesanders | @jaxne2 | @TylerITGuru | @enterfusion | @etatsch | @twyatt | @gharrandsn | @jcovar | @ShawnS | @Mkunkle | @j.pritchard | @lkarhu | @delderAHEAD | @OBCyber | @Kristal | @RHonist | @elijah.gartin | @timpearson | @RichMcKay | @GregV | @Boudj | @DavidSchulz | @iShred | @RobS | @PMarotta | @ehill77 | @ImageNet | @bsantiago | @yduchesnehumanceca | @ajarboe | @jvolmut | @cory | @JasonMartin075 | @jbalson | @Jonathan | @AdamFomotor | @Madinah-EN | @kmortensen | @JBailey | @JasonT | @andrew.juranek | @AvinashS | @IGT | @hjcoon | @mmcivor | @OnLnAgent | @absoblogginlutely | @SarahLarge | @bbmcs | @tploeg | @BenSchneider | @5GN-Lee | @marcusw | @OA Tech | @CITSCraig | @CITSRob | @herrmitt | @esemmel | @mikmik | @hharrisendsight | @Dominick | @alexis.cozart | @Amy Abell | @Netwa | @MRiesenbeck | @mfreymiller | @Jordy Slot | @clepere | @woodenspoon | @christianwoodenspoon | @Johan | @NuvexSolutions | @JLaP | @MarberSecurity | @Jake | @amy.d | @Noonejsr | @KennyG-NC | @covancleeve | @eric.kuitunen | @lurwin | @ccowling 


Congratulations to our top leaderboard champs in March - way to go!!


Here are some fresh new stats across the ScalePad Community!

  • 57 product ideas submitted
  • 235 votes added
  • 212 posts created
  • 97 likes given
  • 135 replies created


Join the Discussion:


Product Update Highlights:

aXZCtViLt17VXApxAAuG3K-uUOeVbsshfcf9seWLcS7qlEN2EopjyvmWTRK7Rw8aKuNP5yJEqI1lS1kwfwLtfu3FFeE29mdjXFc6kbp8Y-qN_feH6zT-niT1YlmtZ7kdWnYTs7Av0Pvmj0-J_-RtsJ8 HaloPSA has moved from beta to full release status on BackupRadar!

  • You can now integrate Backup Radar with HaloPSA for two-way sync of backup tickets. Push urgent backup tickets directly into HaloPSA to help get visibility into your most actionable tickets. Check out the full article here.

zAxUimLCkaTkcmng3oTbpryY3oYRQL9XAoQqWOyCGInX3_lur5XD5I-IIUHzbMWw8pE5YtJZ-jxTx3xxCCg4NIdQQIpC0CBG6JRlajtqpv8YfZVsTeNQ-eIu04FmXaGwZGAnYUsuYXgQLXHVPAKcj0U We added 7 (yes, 7) new reports for Cognition360!

SEwAEnooHX0E4YdyAj87WsT5XP1pK9Y9SoUnYdzhSMSaEFUVxF454fBSLtsEpBU9a-phBKcgQby3FWKjwgFkkrlToR0I5Ly-OWOjkTpNt28cLHvlKsNQ5McdfkAWGuKn71cabudGIna5k5Xl9X0H4tc Workstation assurance will now have ...🥁 please... Microsoft Surface support available within the coming weeks. Stay tuned for an announcement!


March Happenings:


Compliance Compass from Dan Fox, a.k.a. “Secure Dan”

HIPAA compliance around security and technology remains top of mind for many MSPs operating in the healthcare industry. MSPs are charged with keeping data scoped, secured, and protected from small doctor's offices to large hospitals. Hear what Secure Dan has to say about HIPAA and how you can stay on top of the regulations in the article below!

Check out the full article here.


MSP Confidential (March Episodes)

Trevor Turner (Director of IT, Sales, and Service at RK Black) unpacking how to create customer-centric approach to every engagement. 

Kyle Spooner (CEO of MSPGeek) talks about the history of MSPGeek and the experience of putting on their first conference in 2023. 

MJ Shoer (Chief Community Officer at CompTIA) discusses the various ways that CompTIA is serving our industry including some “behind the scenes” looks into the CompTIA Community.

David Weeks (VP of Partner Experience at N-able) talks about his journey in his long withstanding MSP career and provides our listeners with insights into his success throughout the years. 


Catch all previous MSP Confidential episodes here!


On the road again…we can’t wait to see you on the road again…🛫

March was a CRAZY month of travel for the ScalePad Community and Events team. We attended eight events in four weeks and miraculously, only two luggages were lost in the event shuffle. Are you attending an event in April? Stop by our booth and say hello!


Interested in a ScalePad Product?

Smash this link to book a demo for any of our products. BTW this is not your average demo as these are delivered by our Rocket Scientists (a.k.a. Solutions Engineers), who are not quota-carrying and have some of the deepest experience in the MSP space. They will really show you how we can help your specific business, and go as technically deep as you need to to showcase real product value.


Until next time! 


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